On March 2016, 3, the NRA reported on the progress of the conformity assessment for the new regulatory standards for test and research reactor facilities at Kyoto University and Kinki University.

 Currently, there are two university research reactors in Japan: a Kyoto University reactor (heat output 5 MW, medium power reactor), a criticality experimental device (heat output 100 W, low power reactor), and a Kinki University reactor. (Heat output 2W, low power reactor) 1 unit, 1 units in total.Since university reactors also need to comply with the new regulatory standards for research reactors set by the Nuclear Regulation Authority, the three reactors will be shut down sequentially from May 3, regarding compliance with the new regulatory standards. We have proceeded with the examination.

 The examinations that have been conducted so far are that at the research reactor of Kyoto University, public examination meetings will be held 21 times and hearings will be held 91 times, and the diesel generator shared with the criticality experimental equipment will be dedicated. I confirmed such things.Similarly, the criticality experimental equipment of Kyoto University has been examined 65 times, and the reactor of Kinki University has been examined 41 times. As a result, it is expected that all three reactors will pass, so the operation will be resumed sequentially from June. It was planned to proceed in the direction of


Reference: [Nuclear Regulatory Agency] "Progress of conformity assessment to new regulatory standards for nuclear reactor facilities for testing and research at Kyoto University and Kinki University"

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