The fifth edition of the Kanazawa Architectural Walk Map "Kanazawa Kenchiku Sampo", which Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Nonoichi, Ishikawa Prefecture) and Kanazawa City have been collaborating to create, was published in April 5.In Kanazawa City, 2016 copies will be printed and used for promotion projects, and will also be placed at the tourist information center at Kanazawa Station.

 This walking map was created by an architectural student at the university, and started in 2012 as part of the "Kanazawa Architectural Culture Dissemination Project" in collaboration with the city.Associate Professor Tomohiro Miyashita (Department of Architectural Design, Faculty of Environment and Architecture) The students in the laboratory played a central role in the interview and production.Based on the concept of "a small trip to re-examine Kanazawa from a student's point of view and make new discoveries," we recommend from a student's point of view about the traditional townscapes, buildings, and contemporary architecture that exist in large numbers in the city of Kanazawa. Introducing the walking course of.

 In this 5th installment, we have set a route starting from Owaricho and going around Owaricho, and a route from the Hashibacho intersection to Kazuemachi and going to Kanazawa Castle.In addition, it is called "Pickup Architecture", and the samurai residence Terashima Kurato Residence is the representative of "Edo Architecture", the former Takamine Family in the Kuromon-mae Ryokuchi is called "Meiji Architecture", and the Kanazawa Literature Museum is called "Showa Romance". Focusing on, we introduce the features of Kanazawa, where history is piled up, from the perspective of architecture.

 On the Kanazawa City website, we have created a corner to introduce the contents of this walking map, and the first and second walking routes and the contents of "pickup architecture" are open to the public.

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