Showa Women's University Article List

Showa Women's University ranks 645st among women's universities nationwide in three categories: employment, global education, and caring in a survey of 3 universities nationwide that are recommended by career advisors

 Showa Women's University was ranked as ``empowering for employment'' in the 645 survey of ``Universities Recommended by Career Advisors'' conducted by University Communication targeting 2023 preparatory schools nationwide.

Showa Women's University holds joint summer program with partner university in Denmark

 From July 2023, 7, Showa Women's University will join the Business Academy Aarhus (business […]

Showa Women's University's ``actual employment rate'' of 2022 graduates increased year-on-year to 94.6% Top 3 women's universities nationwide

 In the “2023 Actual Employment Rate Ranking” announced by University News on July 7, 21, Showa Women’s University has more than 2022 graduates […]

Showa Women's University Opens "Oshi" Gallery at Keio Inokashira Line Fujimigaoka Station Looking for Instagram Works

 Showa Women's University Modern Business Research Institute collaborated with Keio Electric Railway Co., Ltd. to revitalize Fujimigaoka Station on the Keio Inokashira Line.

Showa Women's University ``Double Degree Program'' 2nd batch of 5 graduates from Temple University of the Americas

 On May 2023, 5, five second-year students of Showa Women's University's "SWU-TUJ Double Degree Program" went to Pennsylvania, USA.

About 50 students from Showa Women's University and the University of Colorado came to Japan and held an international co-learning class for the first time in about four years.

 At Showa Women's University, in May 2023, about 5 students from the University of Colorado at Boulder will come to Japan and conduct international co-learning classes. 50 […]

Showa Women's University "Nakada Kenkyuushitsu" will hold an industry-academia collaboration design project exhibition for 4 days from April 28 (Friday)

 Showa Women's University Environmental Design Department Environmental Design Department Product Design Course presided over by Associate Professor Shiro Nakata "Nakada Kenkyuushitsu […]

Showa Women's University x Komaba Toho Junior High School Held a class that will be the culmination of three years of "Project for female college students and boys' junior high school students to think together"

On February 2023, 2, Showa Women's University (Chairman and President: Mariko Bando: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) and Komaba Toho Junior High School (Principal: Kazuhiko Oya) will form a three-year […]

Showa Women's University and South Korea's Sookmyung Women's University Double Degree Program 1st batch graduates with top honors

 On February 2023, 2, two inaugural students of the double degree program that Showa Women's University and Sookmyung Women's University in South Korea are conducting […]

Showa Women's University and Komaba Toho Junior High School held a 3-year collaborative project, "To Compromise"

 On February 2023, 2 (Monday), Showa Women's University will hold a collaborative project with Komaba Toho Junior High School, "Making a compromise."Both schools are women […]
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