Product development article list

Tokiwa University, Department of Business Administration holds a debriefing session on "Mito City's new hometown tax return gift development project"

 At Tokiwa University, on January 2023, 1, the major subject of the Department of Business Administration, "Marketing Practice," was tackled in the fall semester.

Hand cream “Departure Rose” developed in collaboration with Josai University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department and Faculty of Business Administration students

 Students from Josai University's Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Faculty of Business Administration held a one-year collaborative class on the development of hand creams.Learning […]

Chiba University of Commerce, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, 80 graduates continue to disseminate the appeal of the region as a "Sammu City Support Team"

 In November 2022, 11 graduates of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Chiba University of Commerce, were commissioned by Sanmu City, Chiba Prefecture, to join the "Sammu City Support Team."I took it while I was in school […]

Kyushu University develops and sells silkworm cookies using silkworms raised on campus

  Kyushu University, which will celebrate its 2022th anniversary in 111, is launching the VISION […]

Marketing to Solve Problems of Inns and Food Companies and Revitalize Local Areas Otemon Gakuin University Faculty of Business Administration Challenges

 Students studying marketing at Otemon Gakuin University's Faculty of Business Administration market a ryokan in Kumamoto Prefecture that lacks local souvenirs and a food company that is struggling to secure sales channels.

Jissen Women's University and Tokyo Summerland jointly developed a summer-only menu that shines by the pool

 A summer-only menu has appeared at Tokyo Summerland from Saturday, July 2022, 7.Jissen Women's University and Jissen Women's College Junior College Division are commercial […]

Chiba University of Commerce, student and company develop products at "honey" beekeeping on campus

 In the beekeeping business "Kounodai bee Garden" of Chiba University of Commerce (CUC), a commerce developed with a local company using the beekeeping "honey" […]

Chiba University of Commerce, students start beekeeping on campus Product development with collected honey

 At Chiba University of Commerce, a project "Kounodai b […]" that conducts beekeeping business on the campus of Kounodai, Ichikawa City, and creates an area where humans and nature are in harmony.