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International dormitory "International House General" completed Ritsumeikan University

 "Ritsumeikan University International House General" near Ritsumeikan University Kinugasa Campus on Wednesday, September 2015, 9 (Address: Kyoto City […]

Selected as a recommended university for international students such as Nagoya University and Tokyo Institute of Technology

The selection results of the Japan Study Abroad Awards 2015, in which Japanese language school faculty and staff select the destinations they would like to recommend to international students, have been announced, and universities, graduate schools, and specialized studies nationwide […]

Foreign students, employment in Japan is the highest ever

The number of international students who got a job at a company or research institution in Japan in 2014 was 1, which is 2,958 more than 2013, and it has been two years in a row […]

Holding an international exchange festival to spread Japanese culture to the world

With the theme of "Let's connect !! Culture and traditions that spread around the world", the International Exchange Festival sponsored by the Tokyo International Exchange Center will be held on August 8th […]

Money is the decisive factor in choosing a university for overseas students and Japanese universities

When overseas students choose a Japanese university, the biggest deciding factor is that money such as tuition and scholarships is the most important factor for overseas students to introduce Japanese universities […]

Nagoya University and Ogaki Kyodo Bank alliance to train national core human resources in Asia

Nagoya University and Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank (head office, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, Takashi Tsuchiya) have collaborated and cooperated to develop human resources who can play an active role in the national centers of Asian countries […]

Meiji University Nakano Campus Advanced Mathematical Science Event Held

On Monday, August 2015, 8, the Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University will hold a "Advanced Mathematical Science Tour for High School Students".Advanced Mathematical Sciences Ins […]

"Islamic food" appears in Tokushima University food

The University of Tokushima (Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture) has begun offering "halal food," a dish that follows Islamic rules, for international Muslim students.Study abroad […]
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