Kansai University Article List

Kansai University to present photo stand made from recycled acrylic plate to prevent splashing as a graduation souvenir

 Kansai University and the Kansai University Educational Support Association will use the droplet prevention acrylic that was used on campus for undergraduate and graduate students who will graduate in March 2024 […]

New course entrance exams and study support increase private university preference 2023 brand power survey

 Recruit Co., Ltd. operates “Recruit Advancement Research Institute”, which has been running a study bra […]

Searching for the optimal route for mobile sales with a mathematical model, demonstration experiment by Kansai University and AEON MALL

 Professor Akiyasu Tomoe of the Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University and Takako Sasaki, a visiting researcher of the Advanced Science and Technology Agency, moved in collaboration with Aeon Mall Co., Ltd. […]

Kansai University Concludes Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with Montbell Contributing to Society through Outdoor Activities

 On May 2023, 5, Kansai University will conclude a comprehensive partnership agreement with Montbell Co., Ltd.A […]

Kansai University and the Kansai University Education Supporters Association Host the Largest Parents' Meeting in Japan Parents can also experience campus life

 Kansai University and the Kansai University Education Supporters' Association will hold a regular general meeting of the education supporters' association and a faculty-specific educational gathering on May 5 (Sun) […]

Kansai University announces “100 books for new students”, a collaboration project between major bookstores and the president

 At Kansai University, major bookstores "Maruzen Yushodo" and "Kinokuniya Bookstore" and "100 books to give to new students" by the president of Kansai University were selected. 2 […]

Exchange meeting between Rikejo and companies representing Kyoto will be held at Kansai University on March 3

 On March 2023, 3 (Friday), Kyoto Prefecture, with the cooperation of Kansai University, will invite female university students and graduate students from science to represent Kyoto, such as Kyocera and Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. […]

Kansai University surveys students and teachers about remote classes, etc. during the corona crisis

 Kansai University regularly conducts questionnaire surveys of students and faculty for the purpose of improving education and understanding the actual situation of students affected by the corona crisis.
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